IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

Masters/PhD Forum and Student Paper Contest

This technical program provides an opportunity for M.Sc./Ph.D. students in the fields of the Internet of Things, supporting technology areas, and IoT applications, to present their thesis/dissertation research (that has been completed in the last year or will be completed in the near future), including work in progress within the topics of interest for WF-IoT 2022. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for students to present their M.Sc./Ph.D. work to the conference attendees, meet with their peers and experts in the field, and most importantly, receive feedback on their work.



PHDM-02 (Hybrid)  Nov 2   1 pm – 3 pm   Chair: Yuichi Ohsita

Vehicle routing to minimize the average delay for collecting the disaster damage information

Sanjukta Khwairakpam (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Masahiro Shibata (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Tsuru Masato (Kyushu Institute of Technology)


A Reinforcement Learning-based Multipath Scheduling for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Thanh Trung Nguyen (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), Minh Hai Vu (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), Phi Le Nguyen (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), Phan Thuan Do (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), Kien Nguyen (Chiba University)


Low-Cost IoT-based River Flood Monitoring System using MQTT Brokers in Tandem Connection

Yoshiyuki Shinji (Tokyo City University), Kohei Shiomoto (Tokyo City University)


Indoor Positioning Method using Time Series Data of Multiple Human Sensors

Ikuto Ogawa (Kindai University) Masayuki Otani (Kindai University) Koji Abe (Kindai University), Nobukazu Iguchi (Kindai University), Hitoshi Habe (Kindai University)


PHDM-01 (Virtual)  Nov 11   9 am – 11 am   Chair: Yuichi Ohsita

A proposal for a Polystore in the fog on an IoT enviroment

Ludmila Ribeiro Bôscaro Yung (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora) Victor Ströele de Andrade Menezes (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora) Mário Antônio Ribeiro Dantas ( Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora)


An IoT framework for energy efficient street lights

Md Milon Uddin (The University of Texas at Tyler),  Joshua  Stapp (The University of Texas at Tyler), Prabha  Sundaravadivel (The University of Texas at Tyler)


A proposal for standardization of Internet of Musical Things (IoMusT) environments

Rômulo Augusto Vieira Costa (Fluminense Federal University), Débora Christina Muchaluat-Saade (Fluminense Federal University)


IoT Adoption: Classification Based on Customer Purchase Behavior

Majid Nasirinejad (Dalhousie University), Srinivas Sampalli (Dalhousie University)


PHDM-03(Virtual)  Nov 11   5 pm – 7 pm   Chair: Vincenzo Piuri

Enabling Unobtrusive Gait Analysis for Self-Health Monitoring using a Smart Mobile

Nagender Kumar Suryadevara (University of Hyderabad), Irfan Mohd (University of Hyderabad), Ashish Gupta (University of Hyderabad)


Future sustainable and humanity-centred intelligent networks – translating theory into practise

Kaja Fjørtoft Ystgaard (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


Evaluation of Private 5G in Smart Automation Applications

William O’Brien (University of Limerick), Martin Hayes (University of Limerick), Mihai Penica (University of Limerick), Jeff McCann (University of Limerick), Denis Moore (University of Limerick), Eoin O’Connell (University of Limerick)