IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

Technical Paper Program

The Technical Paper Program is the main technical track aimed at the Research and Academic community and consists of Technical peer reviewed papers with an emphasis on novel and original results and advanced ideas important and relevant to IoT and its future.

The papers in this program will cover the Internet of Things (IoT), its theoretical and technological building blocks, the applications that drive the growth and evolution of IoT, operational considerations, experimentation, experiences from deployments, and the impacts of IoT on consumers, the public sector, and industrial verticals.

The Technical Track Sessions will be scheduled for the week of October 31st – November 4th, 2022.

Track ID Topics and Subjects Important to IoT and the World Forum Theme Chair Co-Chair
Tech-01 Applications and Use cases for IoT ( Agriculture, Entertainment, Energy, Environment, Healthcare, Industry & Manufacturing, Power, Research, Robotics, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Transportation….) Susumu Ishihara Teodoro Montanaro
Tech-02 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies (including algorithms, applications hardware, software, and systems aspects of AI implementation and operation) Khalid Elgazzar Komei Sugiura
Tech-03 Bioengineering, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Practice of Medicine, Public Health, Research in Healthcare and Physiology, and Social Determinants of Health Chen Ye Yasser Ismail
Tech-04 Ad-hoc Communications, Broadcasting, Cellular Communications, Future Systems, Internet, Mobility, Multi-media, Networking. Also, Platform, Space Based, Wireless, and Wide Area Communications. Hidekazu Murata Koji Akita
Tech-05 Computing and Processing (Embedded, Personal, Edge, Fog, Cloud, and HPC), Data and Data Storage, Aspects of Computing (Algorithms, Hardware, Software, Operating Systems….) Christopher G. Brinton Nelly Elsayed
Tech-06 Cybersecurity, Security, Privacy and Trust (Assessments, Blockchains, Encryption Methods, Homomorphic Systems, Implementations, MPC, Vulnerability and Attack Vector Analysis……) Kentaro Toyoda Omar Khaled
Tech-07 General Topics of Interest to Engineers and General Topics of Interest to the Internet of Things (IoT), Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), Societal Impacts of IoT Osamu Takyu Zag Elsayed
Tech-08 The impacts of IoT on the Engineering Professions (Education, Environment, Knowledge, Metrics, Organization, Process, Sustainability, Training…), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Bryan Moser Ahmed Abdelgawad
Tech-09 Signal Processing and Analysis, Fields, Waves, and Electromagnetics, Components, Circuits, Devices and Electronic Systems Hiroo Sekiya Mohamed Shaban
Tech-10 Systems Engineering, Integration, and Operation Technologies, Platforms, Frameworks, Autonomy and Automation, Digital Twins, Environmental Engineering, Venkata Prasanth Yanambaka Ahmed Abdelgawad
Tech-11 Theoretical Foundations, Design, Architectural Aspects, Reference Designs, Standards, Autonomy, and Automation, Digital Twins, Control Systems, and Robotics, Management Systems Seiichiro Katsura Mahmoud Darwich
Tech-12 Results from Experiments, Demonstration and Trials, Shared Experiences from Deployments, Results of Surveys. Policy and Regulatory aspects of IoT. Nobuhiko Miki Kasem Khalil