IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

Technical Paper Program

Track ID Topics and Subjects Important to IoT and the World Forum Theme Chair Co-Chair
Tech-01 Applications and Use cases for IoT ( Agriculture, Entertainment, Energy, Environment, Healthcare, Industry & Manufacturing, Power, Research, Robotics, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Transportation….) Susumu Ishihara Teodoro Montonaro
Tech-02 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies (including algorithms, applications hardware, software, and systems aspects of AI implementation and operation) Khalid Elgazzar Komei Sugiura
Tech-03 Bioengineering, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Practice of Medicine, Public Health, Research in Healthcare and Physiology, and Social Determinants of Health Chen Ye Yasser Ismail
Tech-04 Ad-hoc Communications, Broadcasting, Cellular Communications, Future Systems, Internet, Mobility, Multi-media, Networking. Also, Platform, Space Based, Wireless, and Wide Area Communications. Hidekazu Murata Koji Akita
Tech-05 Computing and Processing (Embedded, Personal, Edge, Fog, Cloud, and HPC), Data and Data Storage, Aspects of Computing (Algorithms, Hardware, Software, Operating Systems….) Christopher G. Brinton Nelly Elsayed
Tech-06 Cybersecurity, Security, Privacy and Trust (Assessments, Blockchains, Encryption Methods, Homomorphic Systems, Implementations, MPC, Vulnerability and Attack Vector Analysis……) Kentaro Toyoda Omar Khaled
Tech-07 General Topics of Interest to Engineers and General Topics of Interest to the Internet of Things (IoT), Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), Societal Impacts of IoT Osamu Takyu Zag Elsayed
Tech-08 The impacts of IoT on the Engineering Professions (Education, Environment, Knowledge, Metrics, Organization, Process, Sustainability, Training…), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Bryan Moser Ahmed Abdelgawad
Tech-09 Signal Processing and Analysis, Fields, Waves, and Electromagnetics, Components, Circuits, Devices and Electronic Systems Hiroo Sekiya Mohamed Shaban
Tech-10 Systems Engineering, Integration, and Operation Technologies, Platforms, Frameworks, Autonomy and Automation, Digital Twins, Environmental Engineering, Venkata Prasanth Yanambaka Ahmed Abdelgawad
Tech-11 Theoretical Foundations, Design, Architectural Aspects, Reference Designs, Standards, Autonomy, and Automation, Digital Twins, Control Systems, and Robotics, Management Systems Seiichiro Katsura Mahmoud Darwich
Tech-12 Results from Experiments, Demonstration and Trials, Shared Experiences from Deployments, Results of Surveys. Policy and Regulatory aspects of IoT. Nobuhiko Miki Kasem Khalil