IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

Entrepreneurial Forum


 Chungmin Chen: Consultant, Lutron Electronics, Coopersburg Pennsylvania, USA

Chung-Min Chen is with Lutron where he provides consulting in data science and research related to lighting systems manufacturing, user experiences, and marketing. Prior to that he was VP of Data Science at Sidecar Interactive, a startup leveraging machine learning in digital marketing, and Sr. Director of Data Science and Analytics at iconectiv (an Ericsson company) where he helped build Ericsson’s analytics products that enable telecom carriers to better understand and manage mobile user experiences. He had also held research and management positions with Bellcore, Telcordia, and subsequently Applied Communication Sciences. His interests span across database systems, distributed and parallel computing, mobile computing, and machine learning. He has published over 50 papers in leading ACM and IEEE journals and conferences including JACM, TOSN, TKDE, TMC, TON, JSAC, SIGKDD, PODS, SIGMOD. He received a PhD in CS from University of Maryland, College Park and BS in CSIE from National Taiwan University.

 Eric Fukuda, CEO, Chiptip Technology, Tokyo, Japan

Eric Fukuda is the Founder and CEO of Chiptip Technology. He received his B.E. in Electronic Engineering from Hokkaido University in 2007, M.E. in Information Science from the University of Tokyo in 2009, and Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Hokkaido University in 2015. He started using reconfigurable devices such as FPGA during his Ph.D., building accelerators for database applications in data centers. After he got his Ph.D., he spent two years at the University of Toronto as a postdoc, expanding his expertise from FPGA applications to data center middleware. After founding Chiptip Technology in 2017, he invented FPGA virtualization technology that lets data center FPGAs be shared among multiple users and FPGA distribute computation technology intended for network-intensive applications. His current interest is in network function virtualization, distributed databases, and crypto-mining with virtual FPGAs.



Track Speaker Company Talk Title
Smart Living, VR
Oct 31, 1-3pm
Asrar Damdam Uvera
The Internet of Food: Towards the creation of an interconnected data infrastructure to reduce food loss and waste and improve the efficiency of the food supply chain
Yuya Kikukawa ORPHE ORPHE smart footwear
Emi Tamaki H2L
Research to Business: BodySharing
Ichiro Amimori Xenoma
Next Generation Smart Apparel “e-skin” Based on Novel Stretchable Electronics
Investors, Robotics
Nov 2, 3:30-5:30pm
Sammi SM Wong HKSTP Ventures
VC Investments in IoT
Judy Barkal, Edison Ting Health2047
Launching a Successful Startup with IoT in Healthcare
Niki Agata ABBALab Fireside chat
Sota Nagano Abies Ventures
Alexander Schmitz XELA Robotics
Tactile Sensing for Human Collaborative Robots
Smart Living, Robotics
Nov 3, 1-3pm
Kosuke Shimizu Arblet Inc. Research in Real World, Real World Data Driven Evidence
Denny Dong LifeSmart
Innovation Drives Smart Home Market Growth
Ken Matsui ugo
Avatar Robot to Realize New Work Styles for Essential Workers
Satoshi Shiraga Cellid
Advanced Technologies for Large FOV Waveguide and Compact Projector
Smart Living, Platform
Nov 8, 9-11am
Ming-Jye Shen IoT Eye
Springboard: A Telematics System for Special Care, Transportation, and IoT
Sloane Tilley, Fernando Webb E-Sentience
A Novel Wearable Biofeedback Device for Real-Time Stress Management
Jason JIang Ganwei Software
Ganwei IOT Cloud Service Solution
Shunsuke Aoki Yukai Engineering
Bio Medical, Smart Audio
Nov 8, 5-7pm
Smart Patient Monitoring
Shawn Lu Artise Biomedical
From BCI to BYOD In Pursuit of the Opportunities
Tomasz Zernicki Zylia
Zylia 6DoF Volumetric Audio streaming for Metaverse and Virtual Concerts.