IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

Woie-03: Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for Connected Healthcare


In this session, the Editor and Authors of the book “Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for Connected Healthcare – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security” (Springer, 2022) will lead a discussion of the challenges in connected healthcare and clinical IoT security and privacy and our thoughts on how to address them with new perspectives and approaches to improve TIPPSS. Our mission is to protect the patients, secure the devices and data, and enable a safer future of connected healthcare across the world. These women are rocket scientists, engineers, technologists, medical professionals, neuroscientists, psychologists, ethicists, academics, educators, researchers, data scientists, lawyers, business leaders, standards leaders, and patient advocates. The current reality is that all the connected medical devices and systems we know and use today are hackable. We need to secure the data and devices through a new cybersecurity paradigm we call TIPPSS, which is the focus of the IEEE/UL P2933 standards working group on clinical IoT data and device interoperability with TIPPSS. The TIPPSS elements are as follows:
  • Trust: allow only designated people or services to have device or data access;
  • Identity: validate the identity of people, services and “things”;
  • Privacy: ensure device, personal, and sensitive data are kept private;
  • Protection: protect devices and users from physical, financial and reputational harm;
  • Safety: provide safety for devices, infrastructure, and people;
  • Security: maintain security of data, devices, institutions, systems, and people.
Join us to discuss how to improve TIPPSS in our connected healthcare and Clinical IoT future and solutions.


 Dr. Florence Hudson, Founder & CEO, FDHint, LLC

Florence D. Hudson is Founder & CEO of FDHint, LLC, an advanced technology and diversity & inclusion consultancy. Her expertise includes artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, connected healthcare, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, smart cities, and business and technology innovation strategy. Formerly IBM Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Internet2 Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Special Advisor for the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at Indiana University, and an aerospace engineer at Grumman Aerospace Corporation and NASA, she is currently Executive Director of the NSF funded Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University and Principal Investigator for the COVID Information Commons. She also Chairs the global IEEE/UL working group on Clinical IoT Data and Device Interoperability with TIPPSS – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security. Hudson has more than 33 years in leadership positions at IBM, including director of Internet of Things Business Development, vice president and director in Corporate Strategy, vice president in the Systems and Technology Group, and vice president and chief technology officer of the IBM Global Industrial Sector. Hudson spent a year as executive-on-loan and IBM vice president of strategic planning for the Society of Women Engineers where she developed new programs to inspire girls and women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics worldwide. Prior to her numerous leadership roles at IBM, Hudson worked for Hewlett-Packard, Grumman Aerospace Corporation and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she worked on projects including solar power satellites, the space shuttle program and future missions around Jupiter. Hudson has lectured widely on many topics, including TIPPSS, connected healthcare, cybersecurity, a TEDx talk on energy and the environment, and at many venues such as Princeton, Columbia and Harvard Universities, and in many countries including Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. She serves on Boards for Princeton University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Stony Brook University, Union County College, the Neuroscience Outreach Network, Blockchain in Healthcare Today, and the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. She holds a B.S.E. from Princeton University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and earned executive education diplomas from Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School.

Speakers and Panelists

  • Jodyn Platt, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Gabrielle Hempel, RSA Security
  • Katherine (Kit) Grace August, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Joanna Lyn Grama, Vantage Technology Consulting Group
  • Sherri Douville, Medigram, Inc.
  • Ann Mongoven, Heluna Health
  • Alexis Diamond, Vantage Technology Consulting Group
  • Paula Muller, Sociavi
  • Mathini Sellathurai, Dean Science and Engineering at Heriot Watt University


Technical Programme

Organized on – 7th November, 2022 at 09:00 – 11:00 JPT

Time (JPT) Description
09:00 09:20 Opening – Women Securing the Future with TIPPSS for connected healthcare overview

Florence Hudson

09:20 09:40 Do No Harm: Medical Device and Connected Hospital Security

Gabrielle E. Hempel 

09:40 10:00 How Can We Trust in IoT? The Role of Engineers in Ensuring Trust in the Clinical IoT Ecosystem

Jodyn Platt, Sherri Douville, Ann Mongoven

10:00 10:20 The Hospital of the Future and Security: An Arranged Marriage

Alexis Diamond, Joanna Lyn Grama

10:20 10:40 TAP and Intelligent Technology for Connected Lifestyles: Trust, Accessibility, and Privacy

Kit August, Mathini Sellathurai, Paula Muller

10:40 11:00 Panel Discussion including Q&A


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