IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

Tuto-12: IPv6 evolution, IoT, and SRv6


IPv6 has been around for twenty years, but the fundamentals had not evolved much. As cloud and overlay have become more important, system designers have not had to give much thought to the addresses themselves.


However, as large-scale, low-power IoT becomes more prevalent, IPv6 becomes more important due to its simplicity, auto-configuration capabilities and scalability. In addition, new routing extension headers such as SRv6 have recently been defined to enable Network Programming and expand the range of IPv6 applications.


This tutorial will introduce the evolution of IPv6, especially in the IoT context, and actual IoT deployments. Then, we will cover the SRv6 overview, and examine SRv6 as a form of IPv6 evolution. Finally, Softbank, the SRv6 lead operator, will talk about SoftBank’s initiatives on SRv6.


 Pascal Thubert, Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems

 Shoichi Sakane, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

 Teppei Kamata, Systems Architect, Cisco Systems

 Miya Kohno, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

 Katsuhiro Horiba, Director of Network Research Office in Advanced Technology Division, Softbank