IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things
26 October–11 November 2022 // Yokohama, Japan

How to chair a session in Whova

(1). Enter Whova portal for IEEE WF IoT 2022 using Whova Web App or Whova Mobile App.

(2). Click on “Agenda”, and search for your session by entering your name or session title or selecting a specific date.

(3). Click on “View Session” in the found session entry. You are now in your session where you can enter a Zoom meeting.

(4). If you join your session prior to 15 minutes before the session start time, you will be waiting for entering the Zoom meeting. Otherwise, you will be immediately entering the Zoom meeting. Note: Speakers (chairs and presenters) can join the Zoom meeting 15 minutes before the session start time.

(5). Wait for the Host to join the Zoom meeting.

(6). Once the Host joins and transfers the Host role to you, you are the Host of the Zoom meeting. After the meeting start time, you will see your audience entering the meeting. As the Host you are expected to stay in the meeting until the meeting is over.

(7). If the session has co-chairs, you can transfer the Host role to other co-chair. If you are no longer the Host, you can leave the Zoom meeting without ending it.